Barbara Walker

Exhibition - Place, Space and Who - Turner Contemporary
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Place,Space and Who'
Turner Contemporary, Margate UK

30 April 19 – 06 September 2020

Place, Space and Who is a commission, created over a four-month residency at Turner Contemporary. It explores identity and belonging, featuring sound and portraits of five women and girls from the African Diaspora living in Margate and Kent.

“For Place, Space and Who I was concerned with what it is to be seen as belonging to a minority group,” says Walker. During the residency, she has connected with women and girls from different generations, both longstanding residents and more recent arrivals to Margate and Kent. The sound piece created in collaboration with artist Dan Scott captures the voices of the sitters, exploring their different viewpoints and experiences of living in and moving to this area.
In this work, and throughout her practice, Walker has drawn on traditions of portraiture in Western art history, attuned to the ways identity and power are reflected in clothing, framing and symbolic objects. These portraits, rendered in charcoal and Margate chalk, are about “reclaiming a space,” says Walker, “they reflect upon the strength and character of women and girls who have been key to establishing this place as home, and their respective contributions through social and cultural gestures – which can be large or small.”

Text: Turner Contemporary

A publication with writing by Paul Gilroy, Sarah Martin and Aïcha Mehrez, alongside an interview with the artist by Courtney J. Martin.accompanied the exhibition.

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