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The Daunting Task
A Review of Barbara Walker’s Self Portrait. By Alex Mills
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Unquiet Moments: Capturing the Everyday
Interview with Barbara Walker and curator Sophie Ridsdale-Smith. Download PDF

'The Evidence of Things Not Seen ( after James)', texts by Adelaide Adelaide Bannerman, 2018. Presented by Barbara Walker, the brochure accompanied the residency 'Out of the Dark', Drawing Room London Download PDF

'No More “Poisonous, Disrespectful, and Skewed Images of Black People”: Barbara Walker’s Louder Than Words, texts' by Celeste-Marie Bernier, 2016. Published by NKA Journal of Contemporary African Art, Volume, 38 - 39.Download PDF

Barbara Walker, Shock and Awe, texts by Angela Kingston,2016
Review. DownLoad PDF

'Youth Speaks (1): The Art of Barbara Walker', texts by Richard Hylton, 2015. Presented by University for the Creative Arts, the publication accompanied the exhibition/ residency, 'Sub Urban: New Drawings'. Download PDF

'The Act of Looking: The Action of Seeing', essay by Karen Roswell, 2013. Originally published by Tiwani Contemporary Gallery the publication which accompanied the exhibition, 'As Seen'.Download PDF

'Its a bit much', essay, by Dr. Eddie Chambers, 2006. Originally presented at Unit 2 Gallery, Metropolitan University of London which accompanied the exhibition 'Louder Than Words'.Download PDF

'Paintings By Barbara Walker', texts by Dr. Eddie Chambers, 2002. Originally published by Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham in brochure which accompanied the exhibition 'Private Face'.Download PDF