Barbara Walker

Exhibition - Show and Tell - The New Art Gallery Walsall
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'Show and Tell'
The New Art Gallery Walsall

18 April - 9 July 2011

'Show and Tell', was a three month residency at The New Art Gallery Walsall, which culminated in the production of a series of large-scale charcoal portraits that depicted members of the public who visited the gallery.
One of the main distinguishing features of this approach was the use of the gallery walls as a canvas for the works. In this light, the execution of the drawings directly onto the walls of the gallery, and their subsequent erasure, was used as a device to make reference to and further explore the impermanence and shifting nature of the identity.

Photography by Jo Hallington and Vanley Burke. at The  New Art Gallery Walsall, (2011) Photo by Jo Hallington.jpg Walker portrait Residency 11.jpg and Tell (2011) charcoal wall drawings.jpg View2.jpg View _ Photo by Vanley Burke (2011).jpg View_ Photo  Vanley Burke (2011).jpg