Barbara Walker

Works - Private Face
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'Private Face'
1998 - 2002

'Private Face ', exhibited at Midland Arts Centre, Birmingham, May - July 2002.
A brochure with text by Eddie Chambers accompanied the exhibition.

Links: 'Paintings by Barbara Walker', essay.

Photography by Gary Kirkham

1998, oil on canvas, 122x 213cm

2001, oil on canvas, 122x 213 cm
The Sitter

2002,oil on canvas, 182 x 122cm. 2002 oil on canvas_ 91 x 116 cm.jpg

2002, oil on canvas, 91 x 116cm.

2002, oil on canvas, 61x 91cm  time.jpg

2002, oil on acrylic, 50x45cm
Peace Maker

2001, oil on canvas , 91 x 2001cm. .jpg
Peacemaker II

2002, oil on canvas, 55 X 60 cm
Boundary I

2000, oil on canvas, 122 x 182cm II ,(2000) oil on canvas.jpg
Boundary II

2000, oil on canvas, 122x 182cm xx.jpg
The Ritual

2001,oil on canvas, 91x 61cm
Study II

1998, oil on canvas, 91 x91 cm  2001 web.jpg
Boundary III

2001,oil on canvas, 91 x 91 cm